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Abbas Ali Al Hazeem Industrial & Trading Group was founded in 1956 dealing in Carpets then Furniture. With its strong determination and dedicated Group of members it continuously and successfully established different lines such as: manufacturing Mattresses (Lama) and Designing Center.
Welcome To Abbas Ali Al-Hazeem & Partners Co.
Abbas Ali Al-Hazeem & Partners Co. has just achieved an outstanding remark and “Lama Mattresses” has been awarded the 2nd Best High Quality product in the recently, International Exhibition Affair in Cairo-Egypt on March 19 - 29, 2013.
Dear Valued Customers,
Abbas Ali Al Hazeem & Partners Co. is proudly inviting you to view our newly Designed Bed Mattresses product in ongoing Kuwait Industry Exhibition in Misheref, Hall No. 8, from 27th of May - 5th of June.

The Group has a chain of manufacturing facilities producing wooden / metal furniture and polyurethane foam & spring mattresses in the Gulf Counties. One of the latest "State of the Art" manufacturing facilities in the region is Al-Hazeem Mattress Factory (Lama). Established in 1978, this company has gained an enviable reputation as a specialist manufacturer of spring mattress and foam based products in Kuwait.

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